They used to live in Ukraine. Now, uprooted from their homes, many find their lives in a state of flux, working here and living there. In an exhibition by Stadtmuseum Berlin created in collaboration with Ukrainian curator Valeria Schiller, ten Ukrainian artists respond to the question: "What does home mean?"
The exhibition "Motherland" can be seen on the first floor of Museum Ephraim-Palais. The paintings, photographs and videos on exhibit were created in late 2022 against a backdrop of war and flight.
They focus on the concept of 'home' from two different angles: as experienced reality, feelings of duty, and associations with a country on the one hand, and as subconscious wishes, fears, and longings on the other. By assembling expressions of these complicated and multifaceted relationships to 'home' and to 'homeland', the exhibition places this subjective lived experience within a global context.

MG 1851 Oana Popa

Special Exhibition Venue